Am I entitled to a compensation as a self-employed?

As a self-employed person, am I entitled to compensation for my loss of earnings? MyRight has the answer.

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Am I entitled to a compensation as a self-employed?

Updated on 19.11.2020

MyRight helps you to understand whether your business is a type of business for which compensation can be claimed and how to proceed.

Is the compensation for loss of earnings automatically paid to my company?

The compensation must be requested from the relevant compensation fund using the compensation form. The employment compensation form can be submitted to the relevant compensation office.

Where can I download the employment compensation form?

Employment compensation form - Download - not available in English!

Where can I submit the employment compensation form?

At your local compensation office: Cantonal compensation offices Association compensation funds

Are benefits paid retroactively?

Benefits are paid out monthly in arrears.

How is the amount of compensation calculated?

The compensation is 80 percent of the average gross income from gainful employment achieved before entitlement to the compensation begins, but not more than CHF 196 per day. Example: For an annual income of CHF 50,000, the daily rate is CHF 111 (50,000*0.8/360).

From when and for how long can I receive compensation for loss of earnings?

Entitlement begins on the day on which all eligibility criteria are met (17 March 2020 at the earliest). The entitlement ends on the day on which the eligibility criteria are no longer met, but no later than 30 June 2021.

Will I receive a compensation for loss of earnings even though I receive other benefits?

The compensation is subsidiary. This means that if you are already receiving benefits from other insurance companies or your salary is paid out, you are not entitled to compensation.