Work stoppage because of the coronavirus? How can you register short-time work?

Declines in demand: Corona leads to loss of working hours. MyRight shows how and when you can register for short-time work.

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Work stoppage because of the coronavirus? How can you register short-time work?

Updated on 19.11.2020

Due to the coronavirus, companies are confronted with supply bottlenecks, temporary closures ordered by the authorities, and declining demand, which lead or may lead to loss of work. As a company, you can pre-register and report short-time work if you can prove an adequate causal link between your loss of working hours and the appearance of the coronavirus and if you meet the existing eligibility requirements (see SECO's detailed information).

What exactly does this mean? A general reference to the virus is not sufficient to show the connection. You must credibly demonstrate that the decline in work is linked to the pandemic. You should submit your registration or advance notification to the cantonal employment office of the canton in which your place of business is located or in which your company is based.

MyRight provides answers to some frequently asked questions in connection with short-time work:

Due to import/export bans, the raw materials required for our production are not available and employees are unable to perform the work. Can I claim compensation for short-time work?

Yes, since the loss of work is due to an official measure, you can claim compensation for short-time work. To do so, first register the short-time work with the relevant cantonal office. In most cantons a department of the Directorate of Economic Affairs is responsible for this. You can also find details and further information on the SECO website.

Due to delivery difficulties, the raw materials necessary for our production are not available and the machines are at a standstill. The employees have no more work. Can I demand compensation for short-time work?

Yes, you can demand compensation for short-time work, as you as an employer are not responsible for the delivery difficulties.

The authorities have ordered the closure of my company. The personnel can no longer perform their work. Can I demand compensation for reduced working hours?

Yes, since the loss of work is due to an official order, you can claim short-time work compensation.

Due to the pandemic - for example quarantine, lack of suppliers, lack of customers - it is no longer possible to maintain operations. I have to temporarily close the business. Can I demand short-time working compensation for the employees?

Yes, but the situation is different for people who stay at home due to illness, the fulfilment of family obligations or fear of infection. There is no entitlement here.

Am I entitled to short-time work compensation if my employees cannot attend work due to official restrictions on public transport?

Yes, because the loss of working hours is due to official measures. Please note: if it is reasonable for employees to come to work by bicycle or car, you cannot claim short-time work compensation.

My employees still have some overtime - but I have registered for short-time work. As an employer, can I demand that my employees reduce some of the overtime and possibly holidays from the last year before the start of short-time work?

Employees do not first have to reduce their overtime before they can benefit from short-time work compensation.

Where can I get comprehensive information about short-time work?

The cantonal employment office can answer all your basic questions about forms, advance registration, etc. The relevant unemployment insurance fund is responsible for specific questions about benefits and calculations. You will also find detailed information on the SECO website and in a brochure which is also available on the SECO website.