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Invitation to the annual general meeting

Would you like to send your shareholders an invitation to the annual general meeting?

The answer in detail

Invitation to the annual general meeting

What is the invitation required to include?

All agenda items and motions of the board of directors and shareholders must be listed, the date, the start and the type and the location of the general meeting. The invitation must also include a note that the financial statements and auditor’s report are available for inspection at the registered office and that every shareholder can request a paper copy (or copies, as shown in our free template, are already enclosed).

What do I need to bear in mind when sending the invitation?

The invitation must be sent 20 days before the meeting is held in the form set out in the articles of incorporation. 

When must an annual general meeting be held?

The ordinary general meeting of the shareholders must take place every year within six months of the conclusion of the financial year. The conclusion of the financial year is generally (but not necessarily) at the end of the calendar year.

How exactly should I word the invitation?

There are no exact provisions regarding the wording. However, it is important that the agenda items are specific enough for the recipients to form a picture of the content.

We have produced a free model text for inviting shareholders to your annual general meeting.

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