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How do I formulate an order confirmation?

Do you want to confirm an order to your customer? Use our template for this purpose.

The answer in detail

Template for an order confirmation

What is an order confirmation?

The order confirmation is a standard, usually written declaration in general business transactions which confirms to the recipient that they have an oral agreement as described in the declaration with the sender (e.g. order, work and services agreement, purchase agreement). If the order confirmation deviates from the originally negotiated agreement (e.g. regarding price or time of delivery), it is not to be viewed as acceptance of the original agreement, but rather as a new contractual offer. This must then be accepted by the other party.

When does an order confirmation make sense?

A written order confirmation makes sense to create clarity for both the buyer and the seller, for example in the case of an oral order. To do so, the customer can send the service provider additional information, such as their contact data and general terms and conditions. In addition, it can also be mentioned, for example, which contractual party bears the cost of packaging and transport.

What else can be a part of the order confirmation?

With a discount, the service provider can provide an incentive for the invoice to be paid quickly and correctly. The discount is a percentage reduction on the invoice amount for payment within a certain time frame (is agreed in some cases for cash payment). A discount of 2% is standard.

We have created an order confirmation template for you which you can download below.

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