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Agreement between a photographer and a customer

You're a photographer and want to draw up an agreement with a customer? Our template can help.

The answer in detail

Template for an agreement for photographers

Whether it's for a wedding, a christening, or a company anniversary: You, as a photographer, are booked for a variety of events. An agreement is then drawn up and signed by both parties. Our template will ensure that you don't forget anything important.

Do I need to know what kind of agreement I need to conclude?

No, the name is irrelevant. It is important that it describes what the photographer must do and what the customer wants. 
A work and services contract is usually used here. Under such a contract, a specified outcome (end product) is due, unlike an order, where only labor is due. One example of an order would be watering flowers. Nothing is created, but rather an action is carried out. 
However, a mixed agreement may also be used if the photographer also performs other services, such as organizing models, scouting for locations, etc. 

Do I have to conclude the agreement in writing?

No. However, it is advisable to conclude the agreement in writing to prevent misunderstandings and for the purpose of having evidence. 

What has to be included in the agreement?

It should describe as precisely as possible what is expected. Are portraits to be taken? Should a picture be taken of every wedding guest? During which time frame should pictures be taken?
An important aspect is copyrights. The pictures are initially the property of the photographer. For this reason, it is important that the contract defines whether, how, and when the copyrights are to be transferred to the customer or if the photographer is allowed to keep certain pictures for their work on a proprietary website, for example. 

Legal information and a sample agreement can be downloaded below.

Important documents
Vorlage Vertrag für einen Fotografen