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Private individuals have the right to information.

Swiss companies should draw up a procedure for quickly responding to requests of affected people. MyRight explains how!

The answer in detail

What does “right to information” mean?

Private individuals have the right to request information as to whether their data is being processed and, if so, what data. The right to information is key because it firstly allows the affected person to assert their rights (e.g. right to correction or deletion). For this reason, it is important to ensure that interested persons receive the information legally prescribed. Firstly, they must be identified correctly in advance. In other words, you only give information when it is clear without a doubt who you are talking to. To ensure you are covered in this regard and you give the right people information, we recommend requesting a form of identity or passport in advance from the requesting person. 

Complying with deadlines – when does such information have to be provided by?

As a rule, such information must be provided within 30 days and and is generally done so free of charge (reference to rights of private individuals).


Establish processes 

The processes should be designed in such a way that it is clear which company entity is responsible for providing information and in which way it will reply to customers. Moreover, every person at the company should know their role when it comes to providing information, and know which internal entity they can turn to if they have questions or cases relating to data protection. 


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